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2 Great Reasons to Schedule Your Facebook Posts

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Use all of your resources to make your Facebook posting more effective and more efficient.

1. Proofreading!!!

Even scheduling your post the minimum of 10 minutes into the future allows you to see how it will actually look when it goes live. (Isn’t the future fun?  You can pretend you’re in the Delorean.) Remember you can’t fully edit a post after it goes live so this gives you a window of opportunity to catch something you might have missed either in the photo, the copy or the integrity of the links. Why not give yourself a second chance to catch it?  Need your partner to approve a post and/or add some content?  Schedule it six hours from now (if that is indeed still a good time to post) and give ’em a deadline.  If you’re happy with it before then, you can always Publish Now.

2. Timed posting with optimum frequency.
Take the guesswork out of the equation. Spontaneity is great, but so is posting exactly when most of your fans are browsing.

  • Are you trying a new happy hour special for a Tuesday night? Work on your post Tuesday morning and schedule it for 2:00 or 3:00. See what gets the most engagement for different types of content and use that as your timeframe.
  • Work on two posts Sunday night and schedule them for Tuesday morning at 7:00am and Friday at 10:00am. Now you can work on the rest of your business during the week and just keep an eye on the Insights.

As always, I appreciate any comments or insights.  We’re all learning.


Jamie Campbell