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5 Things Your Business Should Be Doing on the Internet

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  1. Website

I won’t go into all the ways a standalone website can be a 24/7 workhorse for you business, but you at least need a presence for the sake of legitimacy. Not having a website in 2014 is almost as bad as having one that hasn’t been updated in over 5 years.

  1. Social

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or whatever is next on the horizon, you can’t reach less customers by investing in some form of social media presence. No matter what industry you are in. I promise. If you don’t know how to get started, there is a ton of information out there. If you still don’t know how to get started, give me a call.

  1. Off-page SEO

SEO for your website is just one component. There are several avenues you can and should explore to make sure that your web presence is as optimized as your site. When you Google your brand, what comes up?

  1. Blog

This can be daunting and time-consuming, but if you have something to say about your industry, you owe it to your business to start blogging and sharing your expertise or your passion. It costs you nothing but your time and can be extremely valuable short and long term from the perspective of personal growth as well as lead generation and growing your customer base.

  1. Gathering information

Who are your competitors? What are they doing? You can learn from their mistakes, emulate their successes and either level the playing field or completely blow them out of the water by more effectively optimizing your web presence.  If you operate a primarily local or hyperlocal business, look outside of your area to see what others are doing to capitalize on the limitless marketing opportunities that the Internet provides at low (or even no) cost.

Please feel free to leave your comments below or share them via email or phone.  Thanks for reading, folks!



Author: Jamie Campbell

I help small business owners turn their web presence into profit using internet marketing to affordably build their business and increase their bottom line.

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