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Facebook Organic Reach Is Alive!

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What is your Facebook page doing for your business today?

 Is enagement up and reach is down? Or is your reach up and engagement is down?  It doesn’t matter.  If you’re reading this blog post, you’re concerned and smart enough to keep Facebook working for you.

The dizzying daily requirement of keeping up with the temperament of the fickle 10-year-old that Facebook is can seem like too much.  Is Facebook even worth it anymore?  The short answer is yes. 

Do you need to spend a few dollars a week in paid posts?  Maybe.

The fact may be that organic reach is down across the board, but engagement is up.  Less people may be seeing your posts, but the one’s that do are people that are inherently more interested in them and their engagement shows it.  Just so long as you keep engaging them with high quality content.  (No more fuzzy pictures, text only posts or any of the other big NO-NOs.) These aren’t your personal friends.  (At least I hope not — just like your business, no one has enough friends to keep them in business.) They need a real reason to like, share, click or otherwise do whatever you want and need them to do. 

To quote a great article from Social Media for Colleges

“You just need to 1) work a bit harder on posting good content and

finally let go of the boring self-promotion and 2) trust Facebook and its algorithms. 

Easier said than done on both points.”

Better engagement will increase your reach so that should be your focus, Better reach will increase your fan base or at least create new customers for your business.  I hadn’t paid for a boost in a while until yesterday and it was $5 well spent.  Depending on the value of a new customer for your specific business, reaching an extra thousand people to get ten new customers might be the greatest and easiest ROI you can find. 


  • Don’t give up.
  • You can always improve your content.
  • Think outside the box. 
  • Schedule posts when you can and keep your frequency steady.
  • If you’re asking someone to like, share, click, et cetera, ask yourself “Would I?”

As always, I appreciate any comments or insights.  We’re all learning.


Jamie Campbell

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I help small business owners turn their web presence into profit using internet marketing to affordably build their business and increase their bottom line.

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